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CE GENȚI PURTĂM ANUL ACESTA?- what bags do we wear this year?

S-a publicat 30/08/2019 de Rodica Mihaela


Chiar daca a trecut mare parte din an astazi o sa va arat cateva genti senzationale pe care le-am descoperit recent pe siteul Baginning, genti pe care nu le-am mai vazut in alta parte.

Si pentru ca gentile, hainele, pantofii si produsele cosmetice nu sunt niciodata prea multe m-am gandit sa aflam impreuna ce fel de genti se poarta anul asta si sa mai adaugam cateva la colectia pe care sunt sigura ca si voi o aveti. 🙂


Even though most of the year has passed today, I will show you some sensational bags that I recently discovered on the Baginning site, bags that I have not seen elsewhere. And because bags, clothes, shoes and cosmetics are never too many, I thought to find out together what kind of bags this year is wearing and to add a few more to the collection that I am sure you have. 🙂


Anul asta trendul in materie de genti are doua parti distincte si se adreseaza atat femeilor de cariera care prefera stilul clasic, nemuritor cat si celor indraznete care prefera gentile cu modele deosebite, inovatoare. Indiferent din care categorie faci parte pe Beginning vei gasi cu siguranta ceea ce cauti.


This year the trend in bags has two distinct parts and is aimed at both career women who prefer the classic, immortal and daring style who prefer bags with special, innovative models. No matter which category you belong to, you will definitely find what you are looking for.

Black Side Bags


Geanta care nu trebuie sa lipseasca niciodata din garderoba unei femei este cea de culoare neagra, care nu se demodeaza niciodata asa ca ar fi bine sa aveti cate una pentru fiecare ocazie: un rucsac pentru plimbare, o geanta clasica neagra pentru birou si o poseta de seara tot de culoare neagra. Si nu va faceti griji ca sunt prea multe pentru ca o astfel de geanta nu reprezinta o cheltuiala ci o investitie in stilul personal.


The bag that should never be missing from a woman’s wardrobe is the black one, which never goes out of fashion so it would be good to have one for every occasion: a backpack for walking, a classic black office bag and a briefcase. in the evening all black. And do not worry that there are too many because such a bag is not an expense but an investment in personal style.


Am lasat la urma geanta cea mai importanta din garderoba unei femei: geanta din piele naturala, geanta perfecta pentru femeile elegante, cu un stil rafinat dar si celor care prefera stilul clasic.


I left behind the most important bag in a woman’s wardrobe: the natural leather bag, the perfect bag for elegant women, with a refined style but also for those who prefer the classic style.

Voi ce fel de genti aveti in garderoba? Tineti cont de trenduri? Stiati de siteul Beginning? What kind of bags do you have in your wardrobe? Are you aware of trends? Did you know about Beginning?


Pe MillyBridal gasesti rochii frumoase pentru nunta-On MillyBridal you can find beautiful wedding dresses

S-a publicat 21/08/2019 de Rodica Mihaela

MillyBridal Bridesmaid Dresses


Astazi continuam seria articolelor despre nunti, rochii de mireasa, rochii de ocazie, cu un alt site pe care l-am descoperit recent si unde gasiti rochii foarte frumoase si ieftine. Asa ca, daca aveti in plan o nunta sau sunteti domnisoare de onoare, cununati pe cineva sau pur si simplu ati primit invitatie la o nunta de la care nu vreti sa lipsiti, intrati pe site si sigur veti gasi rochia pe care o cautati.


Today we continue the series of articles about weddings, wedding dresses, occasion dresses with another site I recently discovered and which has very beautiful and cheap dresses so if you have a wedding plan or you are bridesmaid, marry someone or simply received an invitation to a wedding that you do not want to miss, enter the site: MillyBridal and you will surely find here the dress you are looking for.


Atunci cand cumperi o rochie de seara pentru un eveniment deosebit, o rochie de mireasa, sau una de domnisoara de onoare e bine sa iei in considerare cat mai multe variante, siteuri, ca sa fi sigura ca ai ales rochia potrivita pentru tine, ca vei arata senzational in ea, ca e potrivita pentru evenimentul la care mergi, ca e in tendinte, dar mai ales ca nu ramai fara nici un ban dupa ce o cumperi.


When you buy an evening dress for a special event, a wedding dress, or a Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses it is good to consider as many variants, sites, to be sure that you have chosen the right dress for you, that you will it looks sensational in it, that it is suitable for the event you go to, that it is in tendencies and especially that you do not run out of money after you buy it.


Anul asta se poarta rochiile din materiale de calitate: dantela, catifea, matase, tull, bumbac, cu pietre pretioase sau broderii, cu taieturi asimetrice si spatele gol, rochii lungi cu taietura pe picior si rochii scurte si colorate asa ca aveti de unde alege rochia perfecta pentru voi.

Eu am ales cateva modele de rochii care mi-au placut si care sper sa va placa si sa va inspire in alegerile voastre.

Voi aveti vreo nunta la care trebuie sa mergeti? V-ati cumparat deja rochia? Preferati rochiile lungi sau scurte?


This year the dresses are made of quality materials: lace, velvet, silk, tulle, cotton, with precious stones or embroidery, with asymmetrical cuts and bare backs, Long Bridesmaid Dresses  with cut on the foot and short and colored dresses so you can choose from the perfect dress for you. I chose a few models of dresses that I liked and that I hope you like and inspire you in your choices. Do you have a wedding to go to? Have you already bought your dress? Do you prefer long or short dresses?

The Reasons Why Simplicity Lolita Costumes Are Popular

S-a publicat 15/08/2019 de Rodica Mihaela

Lolita Fashion
Since 1990’s in fashion styles Lolita fashion is one of the most popular fashion styles in Japan. Lolita costume offers the pretty girlish look with its artistry and simple lovely style.
Lolita style emphasizes the girl’s cuteness and small devilish beauty. In the movie, „Shimotsuma Monogatari” (released in 2004 and in United States America in 2006) Atsuko Fukada wore Lolita fashion and quickly raised her low profile. In this style mostly laces, ribbons, and frills are used similar to the European girl dress designs.

Overtime Lolita fashion has changed and evolved, but always reflects and celebrates the cuteness, modesty, and beauty of femininity. The Japanese designers are the expert and true representative of Lolita costumes, but there are other designers too working in Lolita aesthetic from North America, China, Korea, and Europe.

Simple Lolita costume

Simple Lolita costume gives the perfect elegant look for daily life without any inconvenience. This costume is of high-quality fabric to make it comfy and easy to wear in daily routine or at any occasion. This Lolita style gives cute, sweet, princess, and girlish look with all the other accessories of Lolita like, headbands, decorative neck ties, high knee or ankle socks, parasols, shoes and handbags.

Material used for simple Lolita dress
For Lolita dress mainly the colors used are white, red, pink, and black and the main material used for simple Lolita dress is
Soft silk (inner lining)
Laces and ribbons

What are the basic elements of simplicity Lolita costumes?

The simplicity Lolita costume is an A-line or a bell-shaped skirt supported by a petticoat. The dress is worn with tights or over the knee socks or ankle socks, hair bow, headdress, and a rounded toe shoe. For a Lolita look both flat and heel shoes can be worn. This all makes the Lolita eye-catching, pretty, elegant and cute.

Styles of simple Lolita

Gothic Lolita: As an entrance of Lolita fashion gothic Lolita is very popular. This style is mostly made in black, deep red, dark blue, and white color. This style combines the aesthetic world view of Gothic fashion and combine with the error and mystery elements of Gothic style. The patterns of gothic style costumes are roses, skull, and crosses.

Classic Lolita: This style adds the classical element of modest dressing with milk tea brown, pink and glass green colors. Classic Lolita presents the old fashioned western refined look with calm smoky color. This is the most delicate and mature look of Lolita.

Sweet Lolita: It is a glamorous style of floral and solid light-colored fusion of Lolita and princess fashion. It is the largest and most popular category. Sweet Lolita is just like a fairy tale princess in white and pink color with many frills, high heels and curly hair. Sweet Lolita patterns are mostly flowers, fruits, animals, and fairy tales etc.

Casual Lolita: With casual style Lolita fashion charms the casual Lolita.  A simple T-shirt with a voluminous skirt, a denim and leggings with a Lolita taste cut, not a „full equipment” but a Lolita item as part of the coordination.

Reasons why simplicity Lolita costumes are popular?

In the circle of Lolita cultural, the simplicity Lolita costume’s trend has become popular for two main reasons.

  • People think that simple Lolita style is the modernization of the Lolita fashion.
  • Some people think that some of the main element Lolita skirt has removed that lost its soul just like an ordinary skirt.
  • Lolita costumes give elegance and make the girl more confident with the perfect outfit.

Unique advantages of simplicity Lolita costumes

  • With Lolita’s elemental designs simple Lolita skirt is more suitable and comfier for daily Lolita style.
  • Lolita simple style can be worn in more and more public occasions easily.
  • For low-key girls simple Lolita style is very suitable and not easy to perceive by others and helps to stand out with confidence.

Simple Lolita costumes Top6

Fashion Strawberry Cat Printing Cute Sweet Lolita Sling Dress
This is the sweet Lolita style dress and makes you comfortable for a full day. The material used for this simple Lolita style dress is chiffon which is easy to wear in spring and summer. The color of this dress is creamy white with refreshing red strawberries. This is a 1 piece dress to get it at first visit

Strawberries Floating in The Universe Series Sweet Lolita High Waist Half Sleeve Dress
This is a calming, simple Lolita style dress in black, white and navy-blue color. This dress is made of high-quality chiffon with soft silk cotton inner lining. It is very easy to wear due to the back zip. It has ribbons bow detailing at neck, sleeves and waist with the easy to remove or detach feature. To get this popular simple Lolita costume visit

Magic Tea Party Ice Cream Party Series Short Sleeve Sweet Lolita Dress
This is the beautiful, simple sweet Lolita dress made of chiffon in three different colors; yellow, pink, and blue. This dress is embellished with the laces and ribbons. For more detail visit

Starry Night Angel Series Navy Blue Two-piece Sling Dress
The starry night navy blue color dress with pretty girlish look makes it the most demanding. It is made of chiffon and designed with laces. This dress is available in two pieces with a dress and overskirt. To buy this dress now visit:

Fashion Paris Pagoda and Biscuits Printing Sweet Lolita Sling Dress

It’s a simple Lolita fashion dress in polyester material. This dress is popular for its sweet little lolita look. It is very delicate and easy to carry. For more details look here:

Magic Tea Party Chocolate Rabbit Series Printing Chinese Style Sweet Lolita Sling Dress
This is the contrasting simple Lolita dress of high-quality chiffon in white and black, red and white, and black and red color. For more detail of sweet, simple Lolita costume visit:


Ce rochii de mireasa se poarta in 2019- What wedding dresses to wear in 2019

S-a publicat 11/08/2019 de Rodica Mihaela


Cum sezonul nuntilor e in plina desfasurare si eu tot nu ma marit asa ca am timp liber, m-am gandit sa va pun la curent cu noile tendinte in materie de rochii de mireasa pentru anul asta, mai ales ca am vazut ca sunt printre noi fete care mai au putin pana la nunta si nu si-au gasit rochia mult visata sau cauta rochii pentru domnisoarele de onoare.


As the wedding season is in full swing and I didn’t get married so I have free time, I thought to keep you updated with the new trends in wedding dresses for this year, especially since I saw that they are among us. girls who have less until the wedding and may not have found their dream dress or are looking for a AW cheap bridesmaid dresses.


Ziua nuntii trebuie sa fie o zi memorabila ce se transforma intr-o amintire de neuitat pe care o pastrezi tot restul vietii si despre care le povestesti nepotilor cu mandrie. Si fiecare detaliu trebuie sa fie perfect, de la petrecerea de nunta la rochia de mireasa care trebuie sa te faca sa te simti regina balului.


The wedding day must be a memorable day that turns into an unforgettable memory that you keep for the rest of your life and that you tell your grandchildren with pride. And every detail has to be perfect, from the party to the wedding dress that should make you feel like the queen of the ball.


Tendintele in materie de rochii de mireasa in 2019, ne indeamna sa purtam rochii indraznete, diafane si accesorizate cu pietre pretioase. De la rochii de mireasa simple, dar de efect, pana la cele luxoase, impodobite cu pietre pretioase, de la detalii in stilul boho, la rochii surprinzatoare 2 in 1, aveti de unde alege. Trebuie doar sa intrati pe AW Bridal si sigur veti gasi ceea ce cautati. Tot aici gasiti si cele mai frumoase rochii pentru domnisoarele de onoare.


Trends in wedding dresses in 2019, urge us to wear bold, diaphanous and accessorized dresses with precious stones. From simple, yet effective wedding dresses, to luxurious ones, adorned with precious stones, from boho style details to amazing 2in1 dresses, you have to choose from. Just enter the AW Bridal and you will surely find what you are looking for. Also here you can find the most beautiful dresses for bridesmaids.


Eu am ales cateva modele de rochii de mireasa si cateva de domnisoare de onoare care mi-au placut foarte mult si sunt sigura ca o sa va placa si voua.

Le gasiti pe ambele pe AW Bridal UK Bridesmaid si AW Bridal DE, siteuri despre care am aflat de curand si am vazut ca au preturi accesibile. 90 $ pentru o rochie pe care vrei sa o porti la un eveniment important, nu mi se pare un pret mare.


I chose a few models of wedding dresses and some bridesmaids that I liked very much and I am sure you will like it too. You can find both on AW Bridal UK Bridesmaid and AW Bridal DE, sites that I recently found out about and have seen as affordable. $ 90 for a dress you want to wear to an important event, I don’t think it’s a great price.


Voi ati purtat rochie de mireasa? Ce model va place cel mai mult? Ce culoare ati alege pentru rochiile domnisoarelor de onoare? Did you wear a wedding dress? Which model do you like the most? What color would you choose for the bridesmaids dresses?

Moda vintage in 2019- Fashion vintage in 2019

S-a publicat 12/07/2019 de Rodica Mihaela


Anul acesta pare mai ofertant ca niciodata, e anul in care moda vintage e elementul esential in garderoba oricarei femei pasionata de moda si de anii plini de culoare pe care ii putem retrai doar din punct de vedere vestimentar. Si eu ador farmecul hainelor vintage combinate cu modernismul prezentului, chiar pot spune că sunt o mare fana a modei vintage si am ales sa va arat cateva rochii la moda in 2019.

Deși este o piesă inspirată de moda altor vremuri, rochia cu imprimeuri si cea cu buline se poarta indiferent de tendințe si nu se demodeaza niciodata.

Una dintre cele mai purtate si cautate piese din trendul vintage anul acesta este rochia neagra, care dea lungul timpului a fost purtata si pusa in valoare de celebritati in filme de succes si te salveaza din orice situatie. Little black dress este rochia la care apeleaza atat designerii celebri in cadrul unui eveniment important cat si celebritati precum: Victoria Beckam, Selena Gomez, Salma Hayek, Kate Moss, s.a.m.d.

Aceste rochii superbe si multe altele le gasiti pe siteul ZAPAKA.

Voua va plac rochiile vintage? Stiati de acest site?


This year seems more bidding than ever, the year when vintage fashion is the essential element in the wardrobe of any fashion-loving woman and the colorful years we can retreat only from the fashion point of view. And I love the charm of vintage clothes combined with the modernity of the present, and because I am a great fan of vintage fashion, I chose several essential pieces in the wardrobe in 2019.

Although it is an inspirational piece of old fashion, printed dress and Polka Dots Dress are trends wich never gets demoted.

One of the most worn and sought-after pieces in the vintage trend this year is the black dress, which over time has been worn and celebrated by celebrities in successful films and saves you from any situation. Little black dress is the dress used by famous designers at an important event as well as celebrities such as: Victoria Beckam, Selena Gomez, Salma Hayek, Kate Moss, etc.

These gorgeous dresses and more are found on the ZAPAKA website.

Do you like vintage dresses? Did you know about this site?

Long dresses, a must have this summer-Rochiile lungi, un must-have vara asta

S-a publicat 18/06/2019 de Rodica Mihaela


The summer came and we began to think of floral maxi dresses, diapers to wear with their favorite sandals and summer jewelery.


A venit vara si am inceput sa ne gandim la rochii lungi, inflorate, diafane, pe care sa le purtam cu sandalele preferate si bijuteriile cu aer estival.


Stylists recommend them and we love them so we just have to make our shopping list fast and we will be in trend. Among the most sought-after colors of the summer is the yellow, the color of optimism, a sunny color that stands out so you can not make a mistake with such a dress.


Stilisti le recomanda si noi le indragim asa ca nu trebuie decat sa ne facem repede lista de shopping si vom fi in tendinte.
Printre cele mai cautate culori ale verii se afla galbenul, culoarea optimismului, o culoare solara, care iese in evidenta asa ca nu aveti cum sa dati gres cu o astfel de rochie.


When choosing the dresses you wear this summer, you have to keep in mind a few aspects:

1. If there are office dresses, choose simple but stylish dresses made of fluid that leave the skin to breathe and give you the seriousness you need at work (if any).

2. If you want dresses that you wear day by day, choose diaphanous, fluid models in strong colors that emphasize your femininity.

3. And if you have any events you should go to this summer, choose elegant, daring dresses that attract all your looks.

On the Sebellamore site you can find the most beautiful and indenes summer dresses.


Atunci cand alegeti rochiile pe care le veti purta vara asta, trebuie sa tineti cont de cateva aspecte:
1. Daca sunt rochii pentru birou, alegeti rochii simple dar elegante, din material fluid, care sa lase pielea sa respire si sa va confere seriozitatea de care aveti nevoie la job(daca e cazul).

2. Daca va doriti rochii pe care sa le purtati zi de zi, alegeti modele diafane, fluide, in culori puternice, care sa va scoata in evidenta feminitatea.

3. Iar daca aveti evenimente la care trebuie sa mergeti vara asta alegeti rochii elegante, indraznete, care sa atraga toate privirile.

Pe siteul Sebellamore gasiti cele mai frumoase si indranete rochii ale verii.


When it comes to fashion women’s clothing, the choice is not easy at all, but if we look at the trends and choose what makes it easier for us to get things done. Are you wearing long dresses? Did you know about this site?


Cand e vorba de haine pentru femei, alegerea nu e deloc usoara, dar daca suntem atente la tendinte si alegem ce ne avantajeaza lucrurile devin mult mai simple.
Voi purtati rochii lungi? Stiati de acest site?

Piese vestimentare pentru o vara fierbinte-Clothes for a hot summer

S-a publicat 17/04/2019 de Rodica Mihaela


Nu stiu la ce va ganditi voi in clipa asta dar eu sunt cu gandul departe la mare, soare, terase, plimbari pe faleza si la soarele arzator, vorba lui Olaf 🙂

Asa ca m-am apucat de racolit site-uri, nu dulapuri in cautarea unor piese vestimentare care sa ma ajute sa fiu sexy dar si sa ma simt confortabil atunci cand afara vor fi 30 de grade. Pentru ca vor fi.

Si am gasit pe siteul Cicilooshop costume de baie dementiale! Modelele sunt deosebite si nu le-am vazut in magazinele de la noi, iar rochitele de plaja sunt sexy, sexy…stiu ca ma vrei! 🙂

Nu am stat pe ganduri si am pus in cos cateva, ca sa nu se termine. Singura parte grea e ca trebuie sa aleg doar doua(hai trei) ca altfel nu as avea nici o problema in a-mi cumpara cate un costum de baie pentru fiecare zi a saptamanii si cred ca e necesar, ca daca se uda, ce fac?

Dar, hai mai bine sa vi le arat si voua ca sa nu credeti ca exagerez eu cu ceva.

Iar rochitele de vara sunt atat de multe si de frumoase incat nu se poate sa nu gasesti 1, 2, 10, care sa-ti placa si partea si mai faina este ca au toate marimile asa ca nu trebuie sa-ti faci griji daca esti o femeie cu forme bine definite. 🙂


I do not know what you’re thinking right now but I’m thinking far away from the sea, sun, terraces, strolls on the cliff and the burning sun. 🙂 So I got to crawl the sites, not the wardrobe looking for some pieces of clothing to help me be sexy but also to feel comfortable when outside will be 30 degrees. Because will be.

And I found on the Cicilookshop women swimwear online! The models are special and I have not seen them in our stores, and the beach dresses are sexy, sexy … I know you want me! 🙂

So I did not think and put in a little basket so it would not end. The only hard part is that I only have to choose two (oh three) otherwise I would have no problem buying a bathing suit for every day of the week and I think it’s necessary that if it gets wet, what I do?

I also put pictures, to show you too, so you do not think I’m exaggerating.

And summer dresses are so many and beautiful that you can not find 1, 2, 10 that you like and the cool part is that they have plus size bodycon dresses too, so you do not have to worry if you are a woman with well-defined forms. 🙂

Voi stiati de acest site? Ce costume de baie preferati? Va plac alegerile mele? Do you know about this site? What swimsuits do you prefer? Do you like my choices?