The Reasons Why Simplicity Lolita Costumes Are Popular

Lolita Fashion
Since 1990’s in fashion styles Lolita fashion is one of the most popular fashion styles in Japan. Lolita costume offers the pretty girlish look with its artistry and simple lovely style.
Lolita style emphasizes the girl’s cuteness and small devilish beauty. In the movie, „Shimotsuma Monogatari” (released in 2004 and in United States America in 2006) Atsuko Fukada wore Lolita fashion and quickly raised her low profile. In this style mostly laces, ribbons, and frills are used similar to the European girl dress designs.

Overtime Lolita fashion has changed and evolved, but always reflects and celebrates the cuteness, modesty, and beauty of femininity. The Japanese designers are the expert and true representative of Lolita costumes, but there are other designers too working in Lolita aesthetic from North America, China, Korea, and Europe.

Simple Lolita costume

Simple Lolita costume gives the perfect elegant look for daily life without any inconvenience. This costume is of high-quality fabric to make it comfy and easy to wear in daily routine or at any occasion. This Lolita style gives cute, sweet, princess, and girlish look with all the other accessories of Lolita like, headbands, decorative neck ties, high knee or ankle socks, parasols, shoes and handbags.

Material used for simple Lolita dress
For Lolita dress mainly the colors used are white, red, pink, and black and the main material used for simple Lolita dress is
Soft silk (inner lining)
Laces and ribbons

What are the basic elements of simplicity Lolita costumes?

The simplicity Lolita costume is an A-line or a bell-shaped skirt supported by a petticoat. The dress is worn with tights or over the knee socks or ankle socks, hair bow, headdress, and a rounded toe shoe. For a Lolita look both flat and heel shoes can be worn. This all makes the Lolita eye-catching, pretty, elegant and cute.

Styles of simple Lolita

Gothic Lolita: As an entrance of Lolita fashion gothic Lolita is very popular. This style is mostly made in black, deep red, dark blue, and white color. This style combines the aesthetic world view of Gothic fashion and combine with the error and mystery elements of Gothic style. The patterns of gothic style costumes are roses, skull, and crosses.

Classic Lolita: This style adds the classical element of modest dressing with milk tea brown, pink and glass green colors. Classic Lolita presents the old fashioned western refined look with calm smoky color. This is the most delicate and mature look of Lolita.

Sweet Lolita: It is a glamorous style of floral and solid light-colored fusion of Lolita and princess fashion. It is the largest and most popular category. Sweet Lolita is just like a fairy tale princess in white and pink color with many frills, high heels and curly hair. Sweet Lolita patterns are mostly flowers, fruits, animals, and fairy tales etc.

Casual Lolita: With casual style Lolita fashion charms the casual Lolita.  A simple T-shirt with a voluminous skirt, a denim and leggings with a Lolita taste cut, not a „full equipment” but a Lolita item as part of the coordination.

Reasons why simplicity Lolita costumes are popular?

In the circle of Lolita cultural, the simplicity Lolita costume’s trend has become popular for two main reasons.

  • People think that simple Lolita style is the modernization of the Lolita fashion.
  • Some people think that some of the main element Lolita skirt has removed that lost its soul just like an ordinary skirt.
  • Lolita costumes give elegance and make the girl more confident with the perfect outfit.

Unique advantages of simplicity Lolita costumes

  • With Lolita’s elemental designs simple Lolita skirt is more suitable and comfier for daily Lolita style.
  • Lolita simple style can be worn in more and more public occasions easily.
  • For low-key girls simple Lolita style is very suitable and not easy to perceive by others and helps to stand out with confidence.

Simple Lolita costumes Top6

Fashion Strawberry Cat Printing Cute Sweet Lolita Sling Dress
This is the sweet Lolita style dress and makes you comfortable for a full day. The material used for this simple Lolita style dress is chiffon which is easy to wear in spring and summer. The color of this dress is creamy white with refreshing red strawberries. This is a 1 piece dress to get it at first visit

Strawberries Floating in The Universe Series Sweet Lolita High Waist Half Sleeve Dress
This is a calming, simple Lolita style dress in black, white and navy-blue color. This dress is made of high-quality chiffon with soft silk cotton inner lining. It is very easy to wear due to the back zip. It has ribbons bow detailing at neck, sleeves and waist with the easy to remove or detach feature. To get this popular simple Lolita costume visit

Magic Tea Party Ice Cream Party Series Short Sleeve Sweet Lolita Dress
This is the beautiful, simple sweet Lolita dress made of chiffon in three different colors; yellow, pink, and blue. This dress is embellished with the laces and ribbons. For more detail visit

Starry Night Angel Series Navy Blue Two-piece Sling Dress
The starry night navy blue color dress with pretty girlish look makes it the most demanding. It is made of chiffon and designed with laces. This dress is available in two pieces with a dress and overskirt. To buy this dress now visit:

Fashion Paris Pagoda and Biscuits Printing Sweet Lolita Sling Dress

It’s a simple Lolita fashion dress in polyester material. This dress is popular for its sweet little lolita look. It is very delicate and easy to carry. For more details look here:

Magic Tea Party Chocolate Rabbit Series Printing Chinese Style Sweet Lolita Sling Dress
This is the contrasting simple Lolita dress of high-quality chiffon in white and black, red and white, and black and red color. For more detail of sweet, simple Lolita costume visit:


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