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Rosegal ne demonstreaza ca plinuta si sexy nu e doar un mit-Partea I

S-a publicat 12/04/2018 de Rodica Mihaela

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Am prietene cu care dezbat iar si iar moda de astazi si faptul ca se promoveaza doar femeile foarte slabe, fotomodelele cu masuri 90-60-90, masuri care pot trezi in aproape orice femeie sentimentul de inferioritate, daca nu e foarte stapana pe ea si constienta ca valoarea ei nu sta intr-un ambalaj. Dar din cand in cand, toate ne dorim sa aratam la fel de sexy ca cele din revistele glossy. Si ce facem atunci?

In functie de forma corpului cautam haine si lenjerie care sa ne avantajele, sa ascunda ce trebuie si sa ne scoata in evidenta atuurile. Asta fac si hainele plus size de pe Rosegal, pun in valoare femeia, in toata splendoarea ei.

M-am bucurat foarte tare sa vad ca au pe site tot felul de lenjerii sexy si piese care ar face orice barbat sa vrea sa descopere dedesubturile. :))

Si ca sa nu credeti ca m-a luat entuziasmul si am inceput sa vorbesc prostii, o sa va arat cateva poze demonstrative si dupa astept sa-mi spuneti daca le-ati purta si sa supunem la vot daca sunt sexy sau nu.

Dar eu cred ca imbracata cu o astfel de lenjerie sau corset, orice femeie poate cucerii lumea, daca le completeaza cu un ruj rosu si un parfum memorabil asa cum ne-a invatat Coco Chanel.

Am vazut pe site si alte lucruri frumoase asa ca va urma…

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I have friends with whom I am talking about fashion street and the fact that only very skinny women, 90-60-90 measures are being promoted, measures that can awaken in almost every woman the feeling of inferiority if she is not very master of her and aware that her value is not in a pack. But from time to time, we all want to look sexy like those in glossy magazines. And what we do then?

Depending on the shape of the body, we look for clothes and underwear to our advantage, to hide what we need and to highlight our strengths. That’s what Rosegal‘s plus size clothes are, It value the woman in all her splendor.

I was very happy to see that they had all sorts of sexy lingerie on the site and pieces that would make any man want to discover the undersets. :))

And so you do not think she has taken my excitement and started talking nonsense, I’ll show you a few pictures and after waiting to tell me if you would wear it and put it to the vote if are sexy or not.

corset sexy

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But I think dressed in such a lingerie or a corset, any woman can conquer the world if it complements them with a red lipstick and a memorable scent as Coco Chanel has taught us.

I have seen other beautiful things on the site so to be continued…