The games will give your child unimaginable skills

As you already know, playing games are ways in which our children learn things about themselves and the world and develop their imagination and creativity, and when the games take place in the open air it is all the better for them and their health. But what do we do when, due to the weather, of a disease have other external factors we can not get out? Nothing easier ! We offer our children a few computer games to match their age and most importantly we play together these games so that they do not feel the game as a real haven but as a fun activity with their parents. I, together with my little boy Dragos, often play computer games, games involving strategy, distributive attention, reaction speed and logical thinking. He’s only 6 years old, but he’s been passionate about computer games for a year, so we’ve picked together some games that we love on both of us, and I’ve made a sort of top I want to reveal to you, maybe you it’s tempting to play them with the little ones.

The good games to practice typing speed looks like this:

  1. Red Ball

It’s a strategy and fast-paced game with a ball that has to jump over the obstacles and you have to find the best strategy to do this and be quick.

      2.  Temple Run

A very, fast game where you have to run and jump over the obstacles and that very, very quickly because you otherwise lose.

   3. Zombie Tsunami

A pretty funny and scary game, too, because some green zombies eat people and multiply and have to go through all sorts of obstacles.

These are just a few of the games we play together, because there are many more and change according to Dragos’s mood.

Now I’m curious to find out what kind of games you play with your kids on the computer and if you do not have children, what games do you like?

16 comentarii la „The games will give your child unimaginable skills

  1. Vai, am jucat Temple Run ca nebuna in pauzele dintre colocvii si laboratoare pe timpul facultatii. Ma ajuta sa ma calmez desi jocul in sine nu e unul care sa te ajute sa-ti pastrez cumpatul :))

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