All I want for Christmas is a fur coat

This year I decided to give up the long list of wishes I was making in every year and to stop at one wish, but I want it to be an expensive one,

luxurious, extravagant. What to be, what to be…?Let’s see if you guess. 🙂 I give you a clue: it’s gorgeous, keep warm, is highly sought and appreciated by women and you can find it here: women’s outerwear saleWell, yes, it’s a fur coat!

I’m sure any woman would enjoy receiving such a Christmas gift. Especially like Chicgostyle you find clothes for the cold season no matter what your style: casual, elegant, or sports.

Or maybe you  have other ideas and desires for Santa,  and want to bring you only a lot of snow, a lot of chocolate and a sweater that will complete and give shine to your Christmas outfit.

If that’s what you want, I can help you because I found the most beautiful, special and sexy sweaters, which you will wear all the time, not just the holidays.
Because a sweater can value or destroy an outfit if is not well chosen and does not match the personality of the wearer.
I’ll give you some examples of sweaters that I hope you like as much as I like.

Now I want to find out from you what you have on Santa wish list, if you have one and if you like my choices? I have a lot of beautiful sweaters I found on this site I think I will make a new wish list because what would be a nice fur coat without a  cute sweater to her to fill it up?

And it would also fit on the list and a bathing suit to discount that just once is Christmas not? 🙂 Now I’ll leave you and I’ll go shopping, but not before I wish you a Merry Christmas and a New Year full of wonderful surprises!

12 comentarii la „All I want for Christmas is a fur coat

  1. De obicei, eu imi doresc sa petrec cat mai mult timp alaturi de cei dragi mie si sa fim sanatosi. Anul acesta as vrea sa primesc de la Mos Craciun lucruri simbolice și pline de insemnătate.

  2. si mie imi plac hainele de blana, dar sa le vad pe alte fete, nu pe mine. Eu sunt si asa mare si o haine de blana mi-ar da un plus de volum de care sigur nu am nevoie. Dar pe voi, astea slabe, arata minunat si tin si de cald, asta e sigur.

  3. Cine nu isi doreste o haina de blana, eu am una de piele cu blana naturala si este preferata mea iarna pentru ca e extrem de calduroasa.

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