Fashionable boots and shoes in 2019

cizme brodate

With the start of the autumn-winter season, the perfect time has come to find out what footwear models are being worn in 2019!

First of all, you need to know that there is a huge variety, both in terms of elegant and casual shoes, but also womens fashion boots and boots for everyday wear or for special occasions. So it’s impossible not to find shoes for you to feel good about, making you beautiful stones wherever you go!

In 2019, high-boots, knee-high, and up to ankle-height are the ones that make up the trend. For a sexy look, with which you will enchant the admiration of those around you, choose thick boots in a shining red color! Together with a babydoll dress or a waistcoat, you will look sensational.

The inspirational country trend is one that seems to never demote! The versatility of these boots makes them perfect for casual wear and can be worn with jeans, dresses or skirts!

For everyday wear, you can buy these boots with a simple but effective design! These boots to the ankle are perfect for cold weather, and their shape lengthens the foot and thin. You do not have to miss your wardrobe!

When it comes to shoes, designers offer a multitude of special designs. Most focus on femininity and keep the classic lines in their original, but reinvented state. You must know that at this time you can buy very cheap women’s shoes, so do not think and renew your wardrobe right now!

Pastel shades, especially pink, are very vogue the next year. So if you prefer casual style, you do not have to worry about being in trend! This sophisticated and low-heeled pair can help you create wonderful outfits, just to suit you!

For masculine inspiration, choose to wear shoeless shoes in shades of red and burgundy. They are comfortable and can be worn with jeans, overalls or even a two-piece suit!

pantofi de inspiratie masculina

What are your favorite pairs and what style do you prefer? Whatever your preferences, you can find everything you want on the site BerryLook.

16 comentarii la „Fashionable boots and shoes in 2019

  1. Wow, ce tare! Sunt foarte frumoase cizmele și pantofii, de fapt tot ce ai prezentat. Mă atrag în mod special însă pantofii. Sunt speciali! Intru repede pe BerryLook.

  2. Sunt superbe cizmulitele. Mai ales asa in perioada Craciunului rosii…chiar mi-as dori si eu un astfel de model.

  3. cat de faine sunt cizmele alea lungi rosii! Dar doar de privit pentru mine pentru ca eu sunt pe alt stil. Pentru mine niste ghete maro ar fi perfecte, ca se potrivesc cam la tot ce port eu si sunt si super comode. In schimb, cizmele alea pana la jumatatea gambei chiar nu imi plac, dar nu stiu sa zic de ce.

  4. Bocancii ăia roz imi plac. Cand eram mai tânără nu-mi plăceau bocancii în general, dar acum, de când port toc jos si pantalon, ii prefer.

  5. O pereche de cizme peste genunchi imi doresc tare mult. Am vazut cateva modele foarte faine pe site.

  6. Sa știi ca eu mi-am comandat încălțăminte după site-urile astea chinezești și am fost tare mulțumită. Chiar intenționez sa îmi mai comand câte ceva

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